How to file consumer complaint in consumer commission against manufacturer or seller. You do not require an advocate to file your complaint with the consumer court. Do it on your own. It is very easy.

New CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT OF 2019 has come into force from 20 July 2020. It has given more power to the consumers. Now the consumer can file his complaint at the place of his residence. The District Commission would now accept cases where the consideration involved is up to Rs 1 Crore. This means that for most of your complaints you don’t have to run to the State Capital and National Capital to file cases in the State and National Commission if the amount is high. Previously many consumers were avoiding to file cases when higher amounts were involved because they wanted to avoid running around to different jurisdiction cities where the Opposite Party was having office. By increasing the limit of amount involved till Rs 1 Crore, the consumer would now be able to file cases in their own city, especially in the cases involving properties, real estate issues where the amount involved is high. This would save lot of time and money of the grieved consumer.

There is no court fee for cases where the claims are below Rs 5 Lakh. You can file your case in the District Cmmission if your consideration amount is up to Rs 1 Crore. For more details on court fee please CLICK HERE

If you have the cash memo and all the correspondence through which you tried setling the issue with the manufacturer or dealer before filing your complaint with the consumer court, you have a good case in your favour.

You can get help from ICRPC from the comfort of your home. No need of running around the lawyers and other oficers to get your consumer complaint be heard.



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