Complaint against Co-op Housing Society


To file a consumer complaint against a co-operative housing society send your complaint to the registrar of co-op housing society:


Co-operative Housing Societies Federation Ltd.

Address of the office where your society is registered

City name


Complaint to Registrar is to be made on the matters of:


1) Registration of society on misrepresentation

2) Non occupancy charges

3) Non supply of copies of record and documents

4) Non maintenance or incomplete maintenance of records and books

5) Misappropriation of funds

6) Investment of funds without prior permission

7) Audit

8) Non conducting of election before expiry of the term of committee

9) Non calling of General Body Meeting

10) Resignation of committee


Complaint in Co-operative court is to be made on the matters of:


1) Repairs, internal repairs, leakages.

2) Parking

3) Escalation of construction cost

4) Unequal water supply

5) Excess recovery of dues from members


Complaint to Police is to be made on the matters of:


1) Nuisance carried out by unauthorized use of flat / shop / parking space / open space by member or builder.

2) Threatening / assault by or to the member of society

3) Creating noise after prescribed deadline hour in the evening


Complaint to General Body is to be made on the matters of:


1) Non maintenance of property by managing committee

2) Levy of excess fine

3) Not allowing authenticated use of the available open space of the society by managing committee


Please Note: If your grievance is not redressed, you can contact the Commissioner of the Co-operative Housing Societies Federation Ltd,. located in your State.