Consumer can file a complaint against bank in consumer court. All banks are covered under the Consumer Protection Act. Banking Ombudsman also hears the complaints against the banks. Hence the consumer is fully protected against any defect or deficiency by the banks. ICRPC helps to get your grievance settled against the bank.  

Ombudsman Scheme is a system of expeditious and inexpensive resolution to customer complaints. Any person whose grievance against a Bank is not resolved to his satisfaction by the Bank within a period of two months, he can approach the Banking Ombudsman if his complaint pertains to any of the matters specified in the scheme. Banking Ombudsmen have been authorised to look into the complaints concerning

a. Deficiency in banking service

b. Sanction of loans and advances in so far as they relate to non-observance of the Reserve Bank of India directives on interest rates, delays in sanction or non-observance of prescribed time schedule for disposal of loan application or non observance of any other directions or instructions of the Reserve Bank, etc. and  (c). Other matters as may be specified by the Reserve Bank. Ombudsman would make recommendations after listening to both parties.  In case the recommendation made by the Banking Ombudsman is not accepted by either of the parties, Banking Ombudsman proceeds to make an award. The scheme is applicable to all scheduled commercial banks having business in India and scheduled primary co-operative banks except Regional Rural Banks. The procedure for the redressal of grievances under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme is profiled as under:

1. Written complaint is to be lodged by a person or an authorised representative

2. Complaint shall include signature of the complainant or an authorised representative along with the name, address and also name and address of the bank office/branch along with supportive documents, the nature and extent of the loss incurred and the relief sought from the Banking Ombudsman and a statement about the compliance of the conditions referred to in Sub-clause (3) of this clause.

3. No complaint to the Banking Ombudsman shall lie unless:

  1. Written representation was made to the bank and either the bank had rejected the complaint or no reply was received from the bank within 60 days of receipt of complaint or in case of unsatisfactory reply received from the bank.
  2. The complaint is made one year after the rejection of the representation by the bank or dispatch of final reply by the bank on the representation.
  3. The complainant is not in receipt of the same subject matter if settled by the Banking Ombudsman in previous proceeding/s whether received from the same complainant or any one or more of the parties concerned with the subject matter.
  4. The complaint is not the same subject matter, for which any proceedings before any court, tribunal or arbitrator or any other forum is pending or a decree or Award or order of dismissal has already been passed by any such court, tribunal, arbitrator or forum.
  5. The complaint if not frivolous or vexatious in nature.